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Peaceful ancient Japan experience

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♡Please inquire about dates before booking♡ In ancient Japan, there was a period of peace known as the Jomon period, which lasted 14,000 years without weapons. How did we live in peace without a fight? What kind of worldview was it? You can feel it from living in harmony with nature, valuing the circle among the people, the belief of the Yaoyorozu no Kami (animism) that all things have the spirits and the way of thinking “you are me, I am you” like the oneness. You can find more essential things from the Jomon period, such as a community centered on women who value harmony with others, the shrine maiden who connected the universe and the earth, and the importance of sound, what kind of physical sensations the Jomon people had. And you will experience them through with the voice and movement meditation work, the talking circles, traditional Japanese village festival of singing and dancing. If we can remember the feelings we had back then, maybe the whole earth will be able to regain peace again? Please visit this website for more information *schedule* 10:20am Meet at JR Uenohara Station ( JC27 west of Tokyo / 1hour from Shinjuku sta.JC05) <Moving> (15 minutes) ◎Opening◎ ·self-introduction ·guidance ・What is the Jomon period, a period of peace that lasted for 14,000 years? ◎Feel the physical sensations of the Jomon people◎ ・Cleanse in the river ・Lecture on “Awauta”, a mantra song filled with the essence of the Jomon period ・Breathing to connect with the earth ・Adjusting the body and mind by using voice (heart voice & detox voice, "feeling" lecture (the sense of the Jomon people who could find the spirit in everything)) ・Somatic sensation in the Jomon period (Awakening of the body (connecting the mind and body)) <Lunch break> Local cuisine at a nearby restaurant (each person pays for their own meal) ◎ Travel back in time to a village from the Jomon period and experience village gatherings and festivals ◎ While standing in a circle around the bonfire We will proceed with the ceremony while connecting with each participant's spirit and presence of light (what we do will change each time). ・Talking circle: talk about things you care about ・Determine your intention ・The shrine maiden connects with the beings of light and brings down the necessary energy, songs and dances. ・Heart voice as you feel the things you are worried about being purified. ・Necessary work ・Feel each light and meditate to open it to the fullest ・Let's celebrate together and send our wishes to the heavens ・Message from the shrine maiden Sharing -15:00 <Moving > (15 minutes) Location: In the countryside authentic Japanese style house (15 minutes by shuttle from Uenohara Station) Time: Around 10:20am-15:20

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